Friday, September 19, 2008

A Point a Day...

Will Keep the TheoCons Away!

Gallup Daily Tracking

We just need to keep working!


Smart Guy! said...

I suspect that the repugs who follow this stuff are really sweating the fact that these polls reflect opionions obtained by phone surveys using land lines. They don't include cell phones which almost all young voters (a big Obama voting bloc) use to communicate. This will become evident on election day when McInsane loses by double digits!!

Bubby said...

Lie, Cheat, or Steal...the McCain Way

Lifelong Democrat Marilyn DiMauro of Naples was surprised to get a letter recently from Republican presidential contender John McCain.

"I thought, well that's strange, because I'm a Democrat. And when I opened the envelope, there was a card that said I was listed as a Republican with my registration number. So I immediately got my Democratic card, and the registration number was not the same," she says.

She thought the mailing — labeled "Party Affiliation Voter Registration Card" — was a little fishy — especially when she found out two of her friends who are Democrats had received the same thing but a Republican friend had not.

"So I just felt that there was some diabolical reason for doing this mailing," she says. "Why would you spend the money?"

That's what Jim Reynolds, another lifelong Democrat in Naples, wants to know. He happens to be a former U.S. attorney from Iowa. And he has filed a mail-fraud complaint with the postal service. Reynolds thinks Republicans are trying to confuse Democratic voters into thinking there's a problem with their registrations.

"They're just doing everything to try to suppress a certain segment that they feel are not going to be favorable to them," he says.

Old Coot said...

That is why we're seeing an ever increasing level of shrill from the wrong side. Look now for the usual republican wrong siders to drag out the old faithful "gonna take your guns" and "illegal immigrants" and "gay marriage" and the old standby,
abortion. We'll soon be inundated with pictures I'm sure.

What the blind faith followers of Saint Republicus can't seem to ever see is that abortion is only an issue during elections. Pubs don't want it to go away. Comes in too handy as a election gimmick.

If they didn't get the abortion issue solved when they held the White House, the Senate, the House, and a majority on the Supreme Court, it means only one conclusion can be drawn:

THEY DON'T WANT IT FIXED. It wins them elections.

Anonymous said...

Palin is losing her luster as people sober up after the convention.

Ricky Dobbs said...

We just picked up another point! It's now 50% to 44% Obama over McCain in the Gallup Daily!

A point a day will keep the TheoCons away!

Keep working, it's paying off!

Shelly C. said...

Come out and help canvas and call! Obama's office is located on Main Street in Harrisonburg right across the street from Dave's Taverna.
We're bringing out people who had given up hope on ever having honesty in the White House and Congress!