Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain - Grumpy Old Man

Hey granddad, you lied about Barack Obama's tax plan again; Obama's tax plan promises cuts for middle-income taxpayers and would increase rates only for persons with family incomes above $250,000 or with individual incomes above $200,000. But beyond that, would it hurt to you to look your opponent in the eye? And what's with all that twitchy sneering? You're no Ronald Reagan there grampy?


Bubby said...

At about 20 seconds I'm hearing McCain say, "horsesh*t". Grumpy. Old. Man.

Shari said...

From MSNBC at 7:22am 9-27-08

Who won the presidential debate? * 554914 responses
John McCain 34%
Barack Obama 52%
Tie 6.2%
Not sure 8.3%

There were several times during the evening where McCain was on the edge of a temper fit. You could see it boiling just under the surface. If Obama pushes his buttons just a little harder in the next two, there's a good chance McCain will show all his (in)famous temper.

Glenn said...

I found this

CBS News: Obama won 39%, McCain won 25%, Draw 36%

Insider Advantage: Obama won 42%, McCain won 41%, Undecided: 17%

CNN: Obama "did better" 51%, McCain "did better" 38%

GOP Left Me said...

I thought this was interesting:

Media Curves

Anonymous said...

Sen. Obama was the clear winner, and that in part because he skipped the blaming, disrespectful rhetoric of Sen. McCain.

James S. said...

I like McCain, but Obama outperformed him by being aggressive in answering the questions with detailed substantive answers, while McCain dwelled on his past and military experience, which is fine, but has little impact on the Economy, Social Security, or Health benefits. I also noticed McCain also did NOT LOOK AT Obama - BIG turn off for me. Left me thinking he was intimidated and not sure of himself. McCain failed to connect to the middle class... seemed to be focused on the wealthy by continued discussion on tax breaks for them. He didn't resonate with me last night.

Glenn said...

Here is more on the CBS finding:
Uncommitted voters lean toward Obama after debate.