Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tragedy of John McCain

McCain's recent selection of Sarah Palin, a supremely unqualified candidate for Vice President of the United States, is an indicator of his poor executive judgment, but it isn't his first. He has made many poor and impulsive choices in his life. Each one more flawed than the last.

In 2000 McCain was truly running as the maverick to George Bush and the corrupt Republican Party machine. He was a reformer, he challenged the conventional Conservative wisdom. He was leading in the primaries going into South Carolina and the momentum was going his way. But the Architect (Bush's name for strategist Karl Rove) had an ugly plan. Rove retained Charlie Condon, former South Carolina Attorney General, and Party fixer to run a push poll aimed at destroying public respect for McCain.

Push polls are fake polls that pose ugly rumors in the form of a question. In this case Condon's pollsters asked South Carolina voters; "Would you be more or less likely to support John McCain if you knew he fathered an illegitimate Black child?". McCain and wife Cindy had recently adopted an 8 year old Bangladeshi child, and named her Bridget. Bridget was dark-skinned.

The push poll worked and McCain's support collapsed in the South Carolina Republican primary. He lost. Bush took his South Carolina momentum and never looked back. By January 2001 George W. Bush was the President and Karl Rove was his most trusted advisor. John and Cindy McCain were reported to be crushed and demoralized by the treachery of the Republican elite.

Fast forward to 2008. John McCain has been hugging and voting with George Bush for a couple of years now. Voting with George on issues he once opposed - tax breaks for the rich, removing the separation of Church and State, funding for military occupation in the Middle East. Then this year, McCain hired Charlie Condon to run his South Carolina campaign, and Karl Rove to be his paid campaign advisor. The same guys who had personally attacked his family.

I ask you, would you hire men who had personally attacked your family? Would you even stand in the same room with them. I didn't think so, and that is the difference between you, and me and John McCain. And what did this poor judgment cost John McCain beside his pride, and self respect? Karl Rove insisted that McCain could not pick his first choices; Joe Lieberman or Mitt Romney as his VP, it had to be an "evangelical"... and he offered up Sarah Palin as that evangelical. The most unqualifed person to ever be picked as a VP candidate, running with what could be the oldest man ever inaugurated. John McCain has entered the prison of his own deceit, and wants America to go with him. Will you go?

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"--Mark 8:36


Anonymous said...

Why do you care about McCain's votes on "the separation of church and state" when you, yourself have quoted scripture to describe MaCain's apparent situation?

Bubby said...

I find relevance in the Scripture as a means to understand the common failings of man. In this case the words of Mark detail the fall of John McCain - ambition, loss of faith and inner strength of conviction.

We protect our personal and deeply held beliefs by keeping them separate from the affairs of state. America was founded as a diverse and free nation and we have a Constitution Right as Americans to be free of a State established religion. As an elected official, sworn to uphold that Constitution, John McCain has given his oath to protect the Constitution.

Bubby said...

I'm watching George Bush speaking at the RNC convention via video feed. He's praising the McCains for their adoption of Bridget...the same child he once slandered to win office. I remember, I'm sure the McCains also remember. What a web these Republicans weave.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy and sell your soul party:

Bob Finlay said...

Would you be likely to vote for McCain if you knew he was totally unprepared for office and had an ignoramus for a VP pick?

Old Coot said...

Absolutely not! That's why I am voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden!