Thursday, October 15, 2009

80 Sponsors Gone From Beck so far...

So who's still advertising on Beck?

List of Glenn Beck Sponsors/Advertisers: Dropped & Remaining


J. Tyler Ballance said...

With his market share, all of the political correctness worshipers can pull their ads, and for every one who quits there will be a hundred waiting in line to advertise on Beck's show, and on Hannity and Limbaugh.

A more effective countermeasure to the blubbering propagandist is the age old remedy: Truth.

However, our current radio market is controlled by a few oligarchs, like Clear Channel. We must use the anti-trust laws and change FCC ownership rules, to break-up these oligopolies.

The FCC could restore public access to truth with the stroke of a pen. Require that only individual ownership of stations is allowed. Then prevent a station owner from owning any other form of media, anywhere. That will result in only small, privately owned stations and would greatly enhance employment opportunities, as well as spawning many more voices and programs all across America. Few of these mom and pop operations would want to pay the big bucks needed to carry pompous asses like Limbaugh, or blubbering chicken-littles, like Beck.

The same approach should be applied to newspapers and television. Local, independent ownership by people who live in that community; no corporations, and no oligopolies.

Anonymous said...

"Local, independent ownership by people who live in that community; no corporations, and no oligopolies."

You sound like a Communist. This is America! Everything is supposed to be owned by corporations controlled by just a few elite.

Toni D. said...

This is the brave face of the GOP.

Bubby said...

Here is the latest from Blubber Boy Beck

What a national embarrassment this guy is. Fortunately my people are made of stern stuff than this wimp.