Thursday, October 1, 2009

Message from Greg Marrow

Dear Friends,

We have been riding a wave of momentum after last week's debate. Washington D.C is even taking a look at our campaign. Read a report from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

We have recently discovered that Del. Landes is declining to take part in another televised debate. We had an agreed upon a debate with Staunton News Leader and WHSV 3, but after our last debate September 24th, Landes has now declined. We can not allow Steve Landes to run away from the issues.

As we head into the last 30 days of the campaign I need your help in the newspapers, phone lines, and doors. With the recent USA Today article explaining how states are bidding for a place in the emerging clean-energy economy, it is vital that we have a representative that will fight for these jobs. Virginia can not afford to lose this opportunity.

I will fight everyday for you and our community, but I ask you now to fight for me. Write a letter to the editor, come to our headquarters to make phone calls, and knock on some doors beside me.

With our last month of the campaign, now is the time we need to send out mailings and information. Please contribute $25, $50, or $100 to the campaign. With your contribution we can reach voters across the district. You can secure your contribution online by donating through ACT BLUE.

Your contribution will go directly to a mailing and signs. I need your help in these days to get our message out.

Thank you all for your support.

Greg J. Marrow
Your Candidate in the 25th District


Anonymous said...

Fulk great move stay with the local races this year maybe if you pull out one of the local races the let down on the statewide races won't upset you too bad.

Anonymous said...

Fulk your man Greg Marrow really does need to raise some money. VPAP has him with only $888 dollars on hand while R.Steve Landes has $25,896 Fulk put your money where your mouth is and donate your man $25,008 that will catch him up.

Rockdem said...

Hey brave "anon",
Will $25,000.00 be sufficient to paint over the huge yellow streak of cowardice that runs up Landes' back? Why did your boy bail on debating Marrow on television? I think we both know the answer to that question... Landes is afraid of Marrow.

Bottom line is this: If Steve Landes can keep the voters from comparing him to my candidate, then it is helpful to Landes. If people look at them side by side,... then Landes loses because he is weak and has shown himself to be so and an abject party hack follower, for 13 years... Spin that fact of life anon,... I look forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

The FACT is Landes has been in office for a long time and you haven't been able to get him out after the many times you have tried. Another FACT is most of the money Marrow has raise has been his or his family. Fulk Landes hasn't as you say ducked as many debates as Deeds has but i know you don't want to talk about Deeds right now. After all he wasn't your first choice anyway was he.

Anonymous said...

To have RockDem call anyone else a party hack is truly amazing. Takes one to know one, I guess.

Randall C. said...

The FACT is that this is the first real challenge Landes has had. You lie so naturally anon. The FACT is that Landes is paid for by lobby groups. The FACT is that Landes has never run a successful business, in FACT he did run one that was funded by TAXPAYER funded grants, into insolvency. Can you say "mismanagement"? The FACT is that you keep wanting to change the subject. And the FACT is that Landes is afraid to debate Marrow.
Landes brings up Hitler, Marrow brings up jobs. Being from Waynesboro which has far too many empty commercial spaces, I am far more interested in Marrow's goals and ideas on how to bring employers into the area than I am interested in Landes fretting about how local republicans are afraid to put up yardsigns because the bogymen might get them. Landes is being his own worst enemy with such nonsense and he shows his fear by dropping out of a debate.

Anonymous said...

So Randall C i guess you will be voting for Bob McDonnell for governor then ?

Randall C. said...

Haven't decided. I want to hear some details from both of them about what they think they can do. Why do you keep trying to change the subject?

Anonymous said...

When did i CHANGE the subject ? When did i lie ?

JD said...

Excellent post even if the comments by anon once again shows his inbred ignorance and immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Greg (free money) Marrow. He thinks taxpayers money is free.