Wednesday, October 28, 2009

John Lesinski - Rail First

The financial challenges facing America are the most substantial since the Great Depression.  While the unemployment rate in Virginia is lower than the national average, the 15th District has been hit exceptionally hard.  Unemployment in Shenandoah County is nearly 10% and Page County reached nearly 20% earlier this year.  Families are struggling to stay in their homes and put food on the table.  We need strong leadership in the state legislature to bring jobs back into the 15th District and ensure that businesses can grow and prosper.

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Anonymous said...

What a good message! I hope many people get to see this. It's nice to have quality candidates for a change.

Charles said...

Thanks to Mr. Lesinski for taking on this effort and working to find solutions for our many challenges here in the Valley. He is the kind of candidate that I am proud to support. His opponent takes my vote for granted and that will change.

peter said...

View the change in Virginia Unemployment Trends over the last six months using Heat Maps:
Virginia Unemployment this month (BLS data):
versus Virginia Unemployment levels six months ago: