Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Compare and Contrast - Marrow and Landes #2 Jobs and the Economy

With job losses and unemployment in major parts of the district ranging from 7%-11%, Greg Marrow has been campaigning heavily on job creation opportunities, particularly jobs in the rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar "green collar" industry. Many other states are already benefitting from this boom and District 25 is a perfect location for these jobs. Marrow issued a press release stating that if elected he would introduce legislation to attract these companies to Virginia.  
To date Steve Landes, who has, on at least two occasions, opposed job creation in the district, has" mentioned" job creation but refuses to offer any plans or ideas.

Since 1996, when Steve Landes was first elected, unemployment in the district has doubled and manufacturing jobs in Waynesboro alone, has seen a net loss of 51%! 
If elected, Marrow’s main emphasis of service in the House of Delegates will be to reverse this trend and increase the quality of life of our residents through job creation.

Landes has frequently claimed that he is a "businessman." Yet he never explains his "businessman" history. When one looks at his resume, you see that for most of his adult life he has just been an aide to other politicians, where is the business experience?. The only business project that he has been associated with is the non-profit NewBiz venture. While the executive director of this project, he oversaw the spending of almost a million dollars of taxpayer money. The result? He was forced to resign and the project went under, all at taxpayer expense.  
Dr. Greg Marrow has a history of proven leadership and business success from education, to the military to his optometric practice, and has been recognized for such leadership.

Landes has twice voted to reduce funding for small business incubator programs. Ironic since he claims to be a supporter of small business.  
As a small business owner, and one who realizes that 95% of all businesses in America are "small businesses," Marrow promises support for such an important program to Virginian entrepreneurship.

Landes voted to cut significant funds from the VA economic Development Partnership dedicated to attracting a major non-profit research entity to VA. (HB 1650 2/8/07) Ironic considering that this program was instrumental in bringing SRI to Harrisonburg. (A project championed by then Gov. Warner, but most recently claimed by Steve Landes).  
In the interest of developing a strong economy and creating jobs for Virginians, Marrow will support funding such an important program.

Landes voted to cut significant funds from the VA economic Development Partnership dedicated to market distressed areas of the Commonwealth.  
“Considering the fact that our district has had unemployment rates well above the national average, I consider my district a "distressed area." I would not have voted against the economic interests of the very people that I'm supposed to represent.” Dr. Greg Marrow

Landes recently voted against a new Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Program (HB1600 2/12/09).  
 “Considering the unemployment rates in our district, and the billions of dollars already invested and dedicated to this job sector, I would have voted for this bill. This bill would have encouraged job creating clean energy manufacturers to move to Virginia.” Dr. Greg Marrow


Anonymous said...

Lowell Fulk I thought i would give you some good news the News Virginian just endorsed Steve Landes you should read it.

Anonymous said...

Lowell Fulk the top three Democrat candidates are pulling the HOD Democrats down with them. You just can't catch a break this year can you ? Yes You Did those words don't sound so good anymore do they ?

John-Grottoes said...

I had never taken the time to really think about what a delegate can and should be doing. I guess I didn't take the job all that seriously and that's why it didn't bother me so much that Steve Landes held the position, because I didn't think it was important anyway.
Now I realize how important the job really is, if we had someone in place who is really capable of getting something done.
My vote will go to Greg Marrow on November 3rd.

Stanley in New Hope said...

Who does Steve Landes really work for? Great question. Great link. Very telling indeed.

Amount Industry Sector
$109,025 Health Care
$39,925 Energy, Natural Resources
$38,044 Real Estate/Construction
$35,742 Law
$34,041 Finance, Insurance
$32,669 Business - Retail, Services
$29,900 Technology, Communication
$27,300 Transportation
$25,121 Political
$22,615 Agriculture
$11,180 Public Employees
$8,650 Manufacturing
$8,280 Miscellaneous
$3,175 Candidate Self-Financing
$2,150 Undetermined
$1,950 Single-Issue Groups
$1,850 Defense

Anonymous said...

Marrow is a joke, in in case anyone has missed it. Is their a slaughter rule in politics?

Lacy said...

If you lived here you'd understand why the News Virginian endorsed Landes. They endorse republicans only. Did you actually read the endorsement? Hardly a ringing one for Landes.

As for saying "Marrow is a joke" what do you base that comment on? I like what I've heard from him, he sounds genuinely concerned about people. If he is a joke, why did Landes freak out during their televised debate and then refuse to participate in their next scheduled one? It seems to me that Landes is the joke, or at the very least, hollow.

Anonymous said...

Lacy do you think only one person makes comments under anonymous ? If so you are not much of a free thinker are you ? You must be hollow.

Chris said...

Everyone anonymous... something to think about.