Thursday, October 29, 2009


3:40 a.m eastern today.

Sgt. Dale Griffin, KIA Afghanistan: champion VMI wrestler, answered the call to service after the events of September 11, 2001, gave his full measure. A grateful nation's President witnesses his return home to the United States of America.

Loyalty Down.
Did George Bush ever face this command responsibility?
Hope. Change.


Anonymous said...
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Bubby said...

More photos here.

Bubby said...

We also lost Marine Capt. David Mitchell this week in that Afganistan helicopter crash. Virginia Tech, Class of 2001.

Ut Prosim, David.

GI Joe said...

As a military veteran what strikes me in this photo is that Obama got it right. 45 degree angle, wrist and forearm straight, to the tip of the eyebrow (for civilians). The guy to his right in the photo has what we call a "broken wrist" and looks like he's poking himself in the eye.

This poor salute is embarassing to any REAL veteran and a reason why few people actually consider the Air Force a real military branch.

Having said that, the truth remains that "Bush/Cheney the draft dodgers" caused their deaths, Obama and America honor them.

Karen said...

No, George Bush never honored our fallen by attending their return to Dover AFB. He also prohibited the press from witnessing these returns. This is indeed a Change for the better. All Americans should witness the cost of our wars. Thanks for posting.

John Doe said...

GI Joe, you may be a veteran (ez to say, anybody can make the claim anonymously), but you are an idiot. This is Obama's war now. He could have pulled the soldiers out the first day in office. But he is too gutless to even make a decision. Stay? Surge? Leave? Gutless hasn't made up his mind yet.

And you koolaid drinkers who believe that GW "never honored our soldiers" are just ignorant of the facts. Obama did not go there to "honor the soldiers", he visited the coffins coming home for the photo op. What a shameless display of putting on a show, Obama. You sicken me. So too do you his mindless supporters.