Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Fired Up Again Virginia

Have you  done what you could
to help?
What will you say to yourself 
on November 4th if you didn't?

Or you can call 859-539-7143  or 540-810-8069


Anonymous said...

I am fired up I have been going door to door almost every weekend for the past 3 months and worked the phone bank 2 nights this week for Bob McDonnell.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

I met both Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds, long before either were in campaign mode. I am convinced that Mr. McDonnell will always hold the interests of multinational corporations paramount, while Creigh Deeds will always stand-up for our citizens.

Party labels are less important to me, than what the candidate can offer to enhance our liberty, along with providing economic opportunity for all of our citizens, regardless of one’s gene pool of origin.

Even if someone is traditionally a Republican, Creigh Deeds is your best bet to help move Virginia back to prosperity.

Creigh is a regular, working class Virginian who has a record, a mile long, for standing-up for the Virginia working man. He also has the best positions on:

Health care
Sensible budgeting

Plus, his record shows that he addresses the tough issues that we all face, instead of denying the problems exist, like Mr. McDonnell.

Even if you are not a habitual Democratic voter, Creigh Deeds’ close ties to the President will surely be a great asset for Virginia as we dig out of this economic depression. Having Mr. Obama as a friend of Governor Creigh Deeds, along with Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Jim Webb going to bat for us, will surely help improve Virginia’s position in the funding pecking order.

If citizens want a positive program for prosperity, the only logical choice, regardless of your prior party affiliation, is Creigh Deeds for Governor.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how hypocritical the tea bag republicans are. They yelp about debt being left to our grand children and then refuse to do the only sensible thing which would be to pay the cost of doing business. They cry out against any tax, at the closing of the rest stops while at the same time supporting McDonnell's plan to borrow money, yes folks that's right, borrow money and leave our grand children debt tomorrow so we can have rest stops now.

Anonymous said...

Creigh(whats in your wallet)Deeds will not be the next governor of Va.Obama at this time was only up by about 3 points Deeds has Never been within 5 points in any poll even the far left wing polls. Deeds is even behind in Bath county.Democrats get ready this going to be a hard election for you.

Anonymous said...

This may well turn out to be an election which will be hard on Virginia. Through the course of eight years of good Governors whose management has placed Virginia top among all 50 states, people have forgotten just how badly Allen and Gilmore left things. We will all soon be reminded if voters choose to elect Bob McDonnell.

Anonymous said...

The close ties that Creigh(whats in your wallet)Deeds has to Obama is exactly what WILL keep him out of the governors mansion.The WAPO even called Deeds a man without a plan.After Tuesday the Democrats will wonder how come Obama came to Va for Deeds and he still lost.Just ask the people of Chicago about how well he did getting the olympic's there or the 3.3 million people that have lost jobs since he took office.