Friday, October 30, 2009

Lesinski for Delegate - Rail First

Farming communities across the nation are struggling to remain profitable. In the 15th District farming isn’t simply another industry, it is a way of life that roots back hundreds of years to the foundation of America. John is committed to supporting the agricultural community.

He believes that we can implement energy-efficient technologies to reduce the cost of operating farm infrastructures.

Improvements in Virginia’s rail system, as well as development of more fuel-efficient transportation, will also help farms remain profitable. John also believes it is vital to support small farms and to encourage consumers to purchase locally grown products. John will work to provide families with tax credits for farm-related properties and income. He will also work to reduce sales and income taxes for locally sold agricultural products.

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Bubby said...

This is what a real Virginia Delegate looks like! Dynamic, disciplined, engaged, thinking outside the box, a self-made man. A guy who listens and studies his district, prepared to offer a hand up and an advocacy for his people.

Isn't John Lesinski in Eric Cantor's district? Sure would be great to replace that pasty-faced, soft hand party tool.

Anonymous said...

What a great representation of what he thinks is important to get done! No wonder the incumbent didn't want to debate or be seen side by side.
Lesinski is clearly the best choice.

Page Voter said...

Look at the difference in Gilbert and Lesinski. Here's a letter from Gilbert:

Northern Virginia Daily
Over the past few weeks, my campaign has been the target of increasingly dishonest and desperate attacks by my Democratic opponent. My mother always said that if you can't say something positive about someone, its best to say nothing at all, so I will refrain.
I have instead worked to focus my campaign on the issues that are important to the people of the 15th District. On Nov. 3, as voters head to the polls, I ask you to consider my leadership record in Richmond.
Last spring I was one of only a handful of delegates to vote "no" on bailing out Virginia's reckless spending habits with so-called federal "stimulus" money that is bankrupting our country.
I have always stood firm against new and higher taxes, knowing full well that the best way to grow our economy is with less taxes and less government intrusion into the pocketbooks of our families and small businesses.
I passed legislation that keeps illegal aliens who commit crimes behind bars before trial, instead of roaming our communities. I have fought hard to uphold traditional family values by co-sponsoring legislation that ensures marriage is between one man and one woman. I have fought to defend our Second Amendment rights. And I have helped preserve our rural way of life by actively supporting policies that protect farmland and green space.
I am proud of what we have accomplished in Richmond, and I ask that you visit my Web site,, to view a complete list of what I have accomplished with your support and where I stand on the issues.
It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the people of Virginia's 15th District. When I first ran for the Virginia House of Delegates four years ago, I promised voters that I would stand up for our shared values in Richmond. I am proud to say that I have been exactly the representative I said I was going to be. It with this in mind that I humbly ask for your vote on Nov. 3.
Todd Gilbert
132 N. Main St.
Oct. 27, 2009

Page Voter said...

Here's a letter from Lesinski:

Northern Virginia Daily
Several months ago, I decided to run for the House of Delegates in the 15th District which includes all of Shenandoah, Page and Rappahannock counties and part of Rockingham County.
I had never run for elected office before, but I realized that my experience, temperament and background allow me to be a strong advocate for our community. Public service has always been important in my family, and this played into my decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps nearly 30 years ago.
In the Marine Corps, there aren't Republicans and there aren't Democrats. There are only Americans, working every day to keep America strong. This is the attitude that I want to bring to the House of Delegates -- a desire to keep Virginia strong and prosperous, regardless of party platforms.
If elected, my primary objective will be to create jobs and grow the economy. The 15th District has the worst unemployment rate in the Valley and among the worst unemployment rates in Virginia. Over the course of my campaign, I have presented voters with a variety of specific plans that will get folks back to work and put our economy back on track.
My ideas include tax credits to small businesses, additional incentives for new or expanding businesses and a renewed focus on improving our local railroad system. I recently put out a video outlining my economic plans, which can be found on my Web site:
Perhaps more important than my specific economic plan is my core belief that our community needs a pro-active leader in Richmond. Instead of huffing and puffing about extremist ideologies, we need practical advocates who are more concerned about the well-being of their constituents than advancing the political agenda of one party or another.
I believe that good ideas come from both sides of the aisle, and the best solutions are found when everyone has a seat at the table. If you agree, then please vote for me on Nov. 3.
John Lesinski
Friends of John Lesinski
P.O. Box 466
Oct. 30, 2009

Page Voter said...

Here's a letter from Gilbert's campaign manager:

Northern Virginia Daily
As someone who has spent much of my career working in politics at the regional, state and national level, I have never felt the need to write a letter to the editor on behalf of a candidate for whom I worked. Until now.
I understand that politics is a full-contact sport; I have delivered a few licks in my day, and along the way I've been on the receiving end of a few jabs, as well. That's just how the game is played. But this campaign has been shockingly different.
The manner in which Democrat John Lesinski has willfully lied during this campaign so he can get ahead is truly shameful. On two separate occasions, Lesinski has accused Del. Gilbert of "stealing" from him. Pressed for a shred of evidence to back up his bogus claims, Lesinski demurs, simply churning out more dishonest attacks.
Lesinski is an ex-Marine reservist and often advertises that he served "in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom" (it's right there on his Web site, if you care to look). To be very clear, Lesinski never served a day in Iraq. The closest he has come to combat action was in his air-conditioned office in Washington D.C.
As a wounded Iraq war veteran who served two tours in Iraq as a Marine, I take exception to opportunists like Lesinski who embellish their military service record for political gain. I feel obligated to set the record straight on behalf of my generation of warriors who actually have served -- and continue to serve -- honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Todd Gilbert, like all of us, isn't perfect. But at his core, he is an honest man who says what he means and means what he says. It has been an honor to work with such a principled, effective leader.
Del. Gilbert should be commended for running a campaign of such integrity and substance. Todd has always put his principles above any kind of political gamesmanship. It's a shame that I cannot say the same for his opponent.
Wade Zirkle
Campaign Manager
Gilbert for Delegate
291 Belgravia Road
Oct. 27, 2009

Page Voter said...

And here's a letter from Lesinski's campaign manager:

Northern Virginia Daily
For the last several months, I have worked closely with John Lesinski to run a campaign that focuses on critical issues facing the Shenandoah Valley. I have seen John put out bold new ideas for creating jobs and putting people back to work, including a 21-page economic plan. I saw him take on Allegheny Power for its frequent and excessive rate increases.
All the while, John has been working harder than anyone I have ever seen because he believes the Valley needs an advocate and a public servant in Richmond. That's not what we have in Todd Gilbert.
For each idea that John has put forward, Gilbert has responded with negativity, accusations and insults. The Gilbert campaign has even gone so far as to openly attack John's military service, using insulting terms such as "ex-Marine" (all Marines know the proper term is "former Marine") and insinuating that our citizen-soldier Reserve forces are second-class.
Perhaps I wouldn't be so offended if Gilbert had any ideas of his own, but he doesn't. Todd Gilbert prefers to stand on the sidelines, spewing partisan hatred, rather than working toward real solutions for people like you and me. We've seen this in Gilbert's campaign and during his four years in office.
So, while I'm disappointed in the actions of Gilbert's campaign over the last few weeks, I'm not particularly surprised. Gilbert obtained confidential information about our campaign, posted the information on his Facebook page and gloated about it with great pride. It was absolutely unethical and inappropriate to use information that he was not supposed to have. Perhaps this is "politics as usual," but that doesn't make it right.
This week, John asked Gilbert for two basic things: an apology for using information that wasn't his and a disclosure of who gave him the information. These are reasonable requests.
How did the Gilbert campaign respond? Negativity, accusations and insults.
Am I surprised? No, but I'm disappointed. And you should be too.
Vote John Lesinski for delegate on Nov. 3.
Camron Gorguinpour
Campaign Manager
John Lesinski for Delegate
5 S. Broad St.
Oct. 30, 2009

Pissed off "Former" Marine in Page County said...

Interesting how Gilbert's campaign manager tries to disparage Lesinski's service to our country.

Lesinski is the only candidate for the 15th District House of Delegates who is a decorated veteran. During his term of military service, Lesinski commanded intelligence billets and was called to active duty to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.

John Lesinski did what Marines do, answered the call... The call to active duty from the President of the United States. He reported for duty in time of war and trusted the Marine Corps to insert him where he was most needed. Intelligence. What would Wade Zirkle have had him do? Disobey orders? Wade Zirkle has stained the Marine uniform and reputation for loyalty to the Corps by besmirching a fellow Marine for the sake of political gain. Zirkle calls Col. Lesinski an "Ex-Marine" Semper Fi Wade? Not with you obviously.

Lesinski retired from loyal military service in 2006, with the rank of Colonel. Does Wade Zirkle dispute this as well? Does Mr. Zirkle want to also taint the command structure of the United States Marine Corps and how they determine those with proven leadership ability such as Col. John Lesinski?

In addition to his direct military experience, Lesinski has been active in the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which provides college tuition to children of Marines killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. What has Wade Zirkle, or Todd Gilbert for that matter, done on behalf of such a worthy organization's efforts?

Lesinski is also working to organize informational sessions in the Shenandoah Valley regarding the Wounded Warriors Program, which provides medical aid to disabled veterans.

RockDem provides a link on the left side of this page to the "Wounded Warrior Program".