Saturday, October 17, 2009

Compare and Contrast - Marrow and Landes #1

As a decorated military veteran, Dr. Marrow is very concerned about the health and welfare of our servicemen and servicewomen returning from overseas tours.

Many of these brave young men and women are struggling with their combat experiences after they return home.  As a result, divorce rates and suicide rates are at an all time high among these veterans.  They deserve better. Marrow has gone on record discussing his plan to identify these "at risk" folks and make sure that they get the emotional and psychological support that they need to transition back into our society.  

To date Steve Landes, after having many opportunities to discuss this issue, has ignored the needs, concerns and sacrifices of our local military heroes.


Marcus O said...

Landes has gone so long without competition that he feels like he doesn't have to do anything for the area to save his seat. He hasn't done much is all his years in office. It certainly seems like Marrow has the energy and integrity to take care of us in Waynesboro. Landes is pretty hollow and I believe that he never would have been elected to office if he lived in any other district.

Anonymous said...

Marrow has what it takes, plain and simple. Landes hasn't done squat.

Anonymous said...

Marrow will be lucky to sniff 45%.

Chad in Fishersville said...

Greg Marrow knocked on my door recently and I have to say I was pretty skeptical when he introduced himself and his reason for getting me out of my recliner. But when I found out that he was a Navy Veteran I thought I'd give him a minute.

I asked him how long he'd been in and he said 13 years. I asked him if he had ever served on a ship and learned that he had been and actually was on a warship that was part of the battle group Reagan used to face down Qaddafi and shoot down two of his Migs in the 80s.

I asked him what else he did in the Navy and Marrow told me about being given a Marine Corps award for improving how how veterans and active duty soldiers and sailors got access to health care at Cherry Point Naval Station and at the same time saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. I asked him what he is doing now and he told me about him and his wife having their own eye doctor clinic in Harrisonburg.

I have to tell you, as he left and I went back to the game and my recliner, I was pretty doggone impressed.

Somebody who has been recognized by the Marines for being a good businessman who can improve the business and save money at the same time is what we need in government.

Marrow gets my family's vote.

Edward said...

We need more legislators that have actually been responsible for a payroll! Nearly as I can see, this fellow Landes spends his time currying favor with lobbyists, politcal action committees and big shot Republican mover and shakers. Out little corner of the world needs a hand up from Richmond and Landes has not shown the courage to make the deals that deliver. I'm ready to try someone else.