Friday, October 16, 2009

Editorial: Obenshain's tired attacks

The senator's ongoing crusade against VDOT insults Virginians.

Virginia Sen. Mark Obenshain is a man obsessed. The Harrisonburg Republican wages a crusade against the state Department of Transportation, certain that VDOT fritters away taxpayers' money. He has a Web site (, a Facebook page and more.

What he lacks is substance.

Take, for example, his most recent supposedly damning revelation. He looked at the numbers and discovered that VDOT sells off some of its equipment before its useful life has expired. If the department kept using its serviceable machinery, it would need to buy less new equipment. Instead it wastes money, he says.

Obenshain hopes Virginians will get fired up about this. If people think VDOT is to blame for crumbling bridges, congested highways, closed rest areas and uncut grass in medians, he and his colleagues in the House of Delegates might evade blame. They, after all, are the ones who annually block measures to address the state's transportation crisis.

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