Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marrow vs Landes on the Issues

The second and apparently final media debate between 25th District candidates Steve Landes and Greg Marrow came and went today without the histrionics of the Sept. 24 meeting between the two.

The debate, on WSVA-550AM, did have Marrow, the Democratic nominee, pressing Landes, the seven-term Republican incumbent, on his self-identification as a small businessman. Referring to Landes’ tenure at the NewBiz Virginia small-business incubator, which came to an end in 2006 with Landes’ resignation as the nonprofit was running out of operating funds, Marrow said Landes “doesn’t have a lot of experience with business. The one business he’s been associated with actually went under.”

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JoJo said...

Landes freaked out, Marrow kicked butt. Too bad Marrow doesn't have much name recognition here in Augusta County.

Shelly from Waynesboro said...

I agree, Marrow has shown himself to be a much superior candidate and potential legislator.

Lisa McPhee said...

Lets see, Landes, an experienced (albeit do-nothing) politician, has refused to debate Marrow in public again, Hmmm. He has been ripped for losing his cool during the first debate and for the revelation that he hasn't done squat for us in Waynesboro. Hmm.

As I learn more and more about how lame Landes has been, I have one question. Why haven't we had a candidate like Marrow before?

Rockdem said...

Candidates of the quality and caliber of Marrow aren't all that common Lisa.

We could probably field warm bodies every year to use up precious resources just to lose every year. But someone like Marrow, Hart, Lesinski, Curren and Price aren't just sitting around waiting to be asked.

They must be cultivated and convinced to effectively suspend their lives for at least a year and work their hearts out just to have every aspect of their lives examined and distorted by an entrenched GOP apparatus for which no exaggeration is too great or tactic too low in order to demean anyone who would dare to challenge their candidates.

You must also keep in mind that until very recently folks weren't really interested in considering anything other than GOP backed candidates.

We are very fortunate to have folks like Greg Marrow, Gene Hart, John Lesinski, Erik Curren and Jeff Price put themselves out there on our behalf.

This is why we owe it to them to provide them with as much support as we can by donating money and volunteering with their campaigns.

Replacing an ineffective Valley Delegation is vital not only to us here in the Valley but to Virgina, and it takes hard work and investment by everyone.

Please take this opportunity to click on their name above to make a contribution and volunteer.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the well thought out explanation. The least that I can do is check out their sites.