Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marrow Snags News Leader Endorsement

The News Leader picks Dr. Greg Marrow as Best Choice in the 25th...

Marrow our choice for 25th

"Marrow comes to the job with vast experience, with more than a decade of service in the U.S. Navy and as a physician. He has seen firsthand the issues facing Virginians. His common sense approach to politics transcends the mucky and inefficient habit of partisan decision-making (he helped with the Ronald Reagan presidential campaigns), and he understands that representatives must look for ways to serve their constituents, not simply react to problems as they appear."

Meanwhile the News Virginian recognizes that Steve Landes is in trouble and feeling the heat from the Marrow campaign.

Landes battles to wire in 25th
"Democrat Greg Marrow, a successful Harrisonburg optometrist and onetime Ronald Reagan Republican, has emerged from the shadows to challenge Landes and offer a harsh critique of the Republican as a delegate who lacks energy and someone who has failed to deliver jobs for his House district."


Lacy said...

Well said News Leader! Their rationale for supporting Marrow is far superior to the warped logic that the News Virginian's used to support the incompetence of Landes.

Harry Shifflett said...

Marrow "Gets it." Maybe he needs to make that his campaign slogan.