Friday, September 18, 2009

Beck, Dancing with the Czars

Washington, D.C.—The DNC, today, released a new web video calling out Republican hypocrisy in attacking the use of policy czars in the Obama administration by highlighting the 47 czars that served in the Bush administration. The video, called "Dancing with the Czars," uses footage of Fox News' Glenn Beck sarcastically reciting a list of Obama administration "czars" while displaying images of Bush administration officials who filled many of the same roles Beck mocks. See below for a statement from DNC Press Secretary Hari Sevugan on the Republican attacks:

"With apologies to Tom DeLay, and despite the railing you're hearing from the Republican cloakroom and Fox News, the GOP has been 'dancing with czars' for a very long time. The unmitigated hypocrisy of these attacks not only speaks to the credibility of this manufactured controversy, but to the inability of the Republican party to say no to the marching orders doled out by Glenn Beck and the far right's noise machine."

Bush's 47 Czars

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Rocktown Rebel said...

So since the Republicans did it, it's acceptable for the Democrats to do it as well?

Is that really your ethical highground? Maybe you should re-prioritize your principles.