Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah Wants Your Money

Sarah Palin is out with a book. Not really hers, it was written by a Ms. Lynn Vincent, but Sarah got a reported $7 million advance from Harper Publishing for "Going Rogue, An American Life". And she's out on the speaker circuit looking for gigs. However booking agents appear to be in agreement with the majority of Americans, "she's a blithering idiot". Ordinary Americans would just appreciate it if Sarah didn't travel to China and talk down America. Augusta County, fine, Hong Kong, not cool.

While you wait for Sarah to appear at your local Republican political event you can do your part by redistributing your wealth her way - buy her book.


Anonymous said...

Bubby don't get so upset with Sarah Palin for making $7 million dollars. Sarah must have thought it was ok to talk down America since Obama has been doing it every since he took office.

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

I notice that requests to pay for Sarah Palin to speak have dropped way off since she went to China and complained about America. She's an embarrassment to women leaders.