Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Notice for Strong Women of the Valley

Supporting Women and our causes,
The Time is Now...

Host: Valley Democratic Women

Price: Cost is covered by Valley Democratic Women

Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Clementine Cafe
153 S. Main St
Harrisonburg, VA

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Phone: 434-242-3436
Email: dukesprof@gmail.com

Purpose is to gather women across the state to reflect on the importance of our Governor's race and Mr. Creigh Deeds history of supporting women and our causes.

Featured: "Shut-Up and Sing Documentary"--A chance to reflect on an administration that wasn't accepting of free speech, especially by an all girl band!

The movie from two time Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Cecelia Peck that chronicles the lives of the Dixie Chicks from 2003 to the start of their 2006 tour. All the highs, lows and mayhem that occurred just before and for the three years following “the incident” when the lead singer spoke out against the Bush Administration. The personal attacks, the backlash, personal growth, a changing world, making music, having babies, receiving death threats, and even a fair amount of laughter.

We will reflect and discuss just how important the race for Governor of Virginia is to Women. We face a crossroads where we will either elect someone who has actively promoted Women's interests in Virginia government, or a man who spelled out quite clearly his intent to relegate Women to what he considers a support role.

We look forward to sharing the evening with strong Women of the Shenandoah Valley!

Mary Slade


Anonymous said...

Now see, that's one thing I like about Matt Lohr, he knows how to keep a woman in her place. At home taking care of the children. You don't see Matt's wife telling him what to do.

Toni D. said...

Anon, you're a jerk.

John Doe said...

Ha! "Strong women"? They whined like little bitches when those of us who disapproved of their antics voiced our own displeasure.
"Ooooh! We have freedom of speech, but letting you have it isn't fair!"

p.s. How come Lowell pops into mind when I hear "strong women"? I see him in an apron, serving the strong women popcorn while they watch this movie. "Can I get you ladies anything else?"

Rockdem said...

That's the plan John. I like Women.

Susan W. said...

The Republican Party seems bent on a strange dominance over women and a general disrespect for our contribution. Women either show up like some buffed up airhead (Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman), or they get slandered like this character "john doe" constantly demonstrates. Either way it is a huge turn off to whatever vision the Republicans are selling. Just Saying.

Anonymous said...

Susan the Republican party does not feel the way the Democrat party hacks on here try and make them seem they are trying the same type approach with the African Americans voters but it is not working. People still remember the Democrats were the party of the racist group the KKK. This is a FACT the Democrats try hard to keep quiet.

Donna W. said...

Um, did Democrats write McDonnell's paper for him? Have Democrats been pushing for legislation in Richmond to require BOTH parties to agree on a divorce before it can be granted? Did Democrats say that women's access to jobs was a threat to society? Is it Democrats who call unemployed women trying to raise their children "welfare queens" and "slugs" and "leaches"? Is it Democrats that think women should be paid less than men for doing the same work?

There's much more to say but you get the drift.

You boys have worked hard to earn this reputation and now you can't simply claim to be victims of unfair labels.

Be accountable, it's what you expect from women.

Todd said...

Am I mistaken or did the republican party once stand for business and commerce instead of telling people what to do in their private lives?

Susan W. said...

I don't know how anyone could watch Republican politicians questioning the President's legitimacy to hold office, see conservative protesters carrying signs showing the President as an African witchdoctor and come to any other conclusion than the Republican Party has a racism problem.

Then there was that South Carolina Republican who yelled "you lie" at the President. When has that ever happened? It is scary and the African Americans that I know are very uneasy with what the Republicans are allowing to happen.

Bubby said...

It was shrinkage Todd. The Republican Party has shrunk its thesis so that it fits into your bedroom. Bob McDonnell wrote it up.

Anonymous said...

Susan maybe you should take a better look at the Republican party and its leaders before you make comments like that.

Toni D. said...

That is just about the dumbest thing you've posted here, and that's saying something.

Susan W said...

Who are the leaders of the Republican Party? Seems like Rush Limbaugh sets the agenda. I don't know any women who are inspired by Rush, he's a creep.

John Doe said...

Donna W., does making up lies work with all the people in your life? Girls such as you and Toni D. learn how to think and to reason, and not just lie and exaggerate, and maybe real men will take you seriously. The only time I "slander" people is when they deserve it because they are idiots, or liars.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Michael Steele is the leader of the Republican party.