Friday, September 4, 2009

Politics of fear and hate

Was this just over-the-top talk at a hyper-partisan picnic or does Del. Steve Landes really believe his own fear mongering words that help spread distrust and hate among neighbors?
"They're afraid because they're afraid their neighbors are going to tell on them. When you've got a White House that's keeping names of people that don't agree with them, that reminds me of what went on the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany."
Politics and politicians can be better than this trash talk. Landes is being challenged by Greg Marrow for the 25th House of Delegates seat. It is time for leadership in the 25th for a change.

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Anonymous said...

Get ready Democrats this years elections will be hard on you, you can thank Obama for this.

Bubby said...

Is Steve Landes on drugs?

Anonymous said...

Is Obama still doing drugs ?