Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Transportation Funding - About to Get Worse

Local highway funding in Virginia is based on a redistribution of wealth - richer localities send most of their tax collections to poorer localities to pay for our roads. Fairfax County only retains 19% of the tax revenues that they collect. But Fairfax County is talking about becoming a City, and with that designation they can keep more of their tax money and maintain their own roads. That means that less will come to the Valley to pay for our roads.

This is the predictable outcome as our legislative Delegates continue to fritter and waver on a sustainable revenue source for transportation - localities will do it for themselves. And poorer Counties like Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, Highland and Augusta counties will see less for our highways. It is time to lay aside the anti-government ideology in Richmond - and get transportation funding fixed.


Anonymous said...

Well Kaine is a Democrat and Bubby you claim they have all the answers maybe you can get him to come back to Va long enough to fix the transportation problems if he can get away from his work at the DNC.

Bubby said...

Gov. Kaine says the only way to fix transportation is to give Governor Deeds a Democratic House of Delegates.

Anonymous said...

Deeds will never be Governor of Va he might could try New York and far as the House of Delegates goes the Democrats just had another candidate drop out last week so that will not happen either.