Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Heat in Governor's Race

The race to become the next governor of Virginia has gotten a lot closer. Right now, it’s effectively a toss-up between Republican Robert F. McDonnell and Democrat R. Creigh Deeds.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Virginia voters finds McDonnell attracting 48% of the vote while Deeds picks up 46%. Two weeks ago, McDonnell held a nine-point advantage. In August, McDonnell was up by eight.

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Anonymous said...

Fulk i can not believe you used Rassmussen reports after all the times i have tried to get you to read them. Wonder why Deeds is trying to distance himself from Obama ? In the debate i almost thought Bob McDonnell was the Democrat instead of Deeds. Fulk not even a far left wing party hack like you could have been happy with Deeds in this debate. Deeds gave a good example of why he shouldn't be governor he doesn't even have the backbone to say what he believes in. Fulk i know Deeds wasn't your first choice ( or second choice ) for governor so i won't be to hard on you, you did what any other spineless left wing party hack has to do support whoever the Democrat is.

Robert said...

Personally, I thought Deeds kicked the crap out of McDonnell. But then again, I was watching as an independent who hadn't yet made up my mind, not as a loyal Republican like anon seems to be.

Bubby said...

Why does Bob McDonnell call himself a "moderate"?

"It is also becoming clear in modern culture that the voting American mainstream is not willing to accept a true pro-family idealogue..."
Bob McDonnell's Thesis.

Who is the real Bob McDonnell? Is he afraid that Virginia won't accept the real Bob?

seth said...

i was surprised to hear deeds attack mcdonnell on gas taxes in an ad on the radio yesterday. when the republican is being attacked by a dem for advocating an environmental issue, i'm going to call it a good year to stay home.