Saturday, September 26, 2009

Creigh Deeds: Opportunity

The Best Way to Insure that the Shenandoah Valley

is Represented Fairly in Richmond

Is to Elect Good People

From the Shenandoah Valley

How much do you think Bob McDonnell really cares about us?

Who do you trust to treat the Valley Equally

with the rest of Virginia?

Support Creigh Deeds for Governor


Anonymous said...

Doug Wilder sure doesn't have any faith in Deeds. Obama couldn't even convince Wilder to endorse Deeds. Cant wait to see what type spin you try and put on this.

Rockdem said...

I've not had a very high opinion of Wilder anyway so I'm probably not a good judge of the effect this may have. How do you see it anon?

Anonymous said...

Why do you not have a favorable view of Wilder, RockDem? Didn't he support Warner, Kaine, etc?

Rockdem said...

Wilder's non endorsement really shouldn't have been a surprise. He didn't endorse Deeds for AG either because Creigh is pro-gun and didn't support Wilder's gun control initiatives when he was Governor.

How do you think it will impact the election?

Wallace H. said...

Interesting that Deeds is willing to stand up for the rights of gun owners against some leaders in his own party.