Friday, September 11, 2009

Local Health Care Expert goes National

Long-time Valley Dem and Washington & Lee law prof Tim Stoltzfus Jost's paper on health care triggers is getting serous national press from some of the top-20 big-name political blogs. He's been well-know locally as an expert in the field for just about forever, but his work is now being cited in articles that attract millions of eyeballs.

Three example: pieces by Tim Noah at Slate here , Kevin Drum at Mother Jones here and Andrew Sullivan's blog at the Atlantic (which gets millions of national and international readers) here .

Kudos for a valuable addition to the research on what works and what doesn't work in heath care.


Anonymous said...

What's a "log-time" Valley Dem? Is that similar to a log cabin Republican?

Anonymous said...

Leading Democrats are working today to come up with a provision to prevent illegals from getting health care under the current bill they are working on. Looks like Obama needs to give Joe Wilson an appology.

Deb SF said...

Edited to correct typo. Thanks, anon@ 2:05.