Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Shenandoah Valley is My Home, Creigh Deeds is My Candidate

The Best Way to Insure that the Shenandoah Valley

is Represented Fairly in Richmond

Is to Elect Good People

From the Shenandoah Valley

How much do you think Bob McDonnell really cares about us?

Who do you trust to treat the Valley Equally

with the rest of Virginia?

Support Creigh Deeds for Governor


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Some guy in C-ville is trying to shoot holes in Bob McDonnell's proposal to privatize the ABC stores, by saying that the amount Mr. McDonnell expects to raise is a wild exaggeration. That is, of course, true.

However, the idea of getting Virginia out of the booze business should not be lost in the partisan shuffle. It is a good idea to get the Virginia ABC, out of the store operating business.

The chief problem with Mr. McDonnell's version of privatization, based on his past proposals, is that Mr. McDonnell would hand over the ABC retail operation to a big multinational corporation, and the net result would likely be a huge, behind the scenes, "bonus" paid to him, while Virginians would experience a net loss of jobs and economic opportunity.

The way that Mr. Deeds should approach this ABC privatization issue, should be to hold a lottery where only individual proprietors could win the right to purchase an existing ABC location where the ABC actually owns the property.

Where the ABC leases space, the same individual proprietorship rule should apply to transferring the rights to leased retail locations. These individual proprietors should have the right to re-sell their ABC store licenses, but only to individual proprietors. Controls must be in place so that these stores are not sold to corporations or gobbled-up by a few big companies.

The privatization of the ABC stores should be carried out, but in a way that creates as many new business opportunities as possible, while enhancing the revenue stream to the state from ABC sales.

Rockdem said...

J. Tyler,

You should speak with Gene Hart. I think you would find your and his thinking on the issue similar...