Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little Girl in Kabul

".....Guljumma talked about what happened one morning last year when she was sleeping at home in southern Afghanistan's Helmand Valley. At about 5 AM, bombs exploded. Some people in her family died. She lost an arm.

With a soft, matter-of-fact voice, Guljumma described those events. Her father, Wakil Tawos Khan, sat next to her. He took out copies of official forms that he has sent to the Afghan government.

Like the other parents who were gathered inside a crude tent in this squalid camp, Khan hasn't gotten anywhere through official channels. He's struggling to take care of his daughter. And he has additional duties because he's a representative for 100 of the families in the camp, which is little more than ditches, mud structures and ragged canvas.

Khan pointed to a plastic bag containing a few pounds of rice. It was his responsibility to divide the rice for the 100 families."

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Anonymous said...

The point of the post is what, exactly? Your President is escalating the conflict in Afghanistan, is he not?

Toni D. said...

The point should be obvious anon. There's more to Afghanistan than just military action.
Am I right Lowell?

Anonymous said...

Toni D have you ever been right ? Now make sure the other hacks approve any comment you make.

Anonymous said...

Toni D., if the point is so "obvious" why are you asking if you're right? Is Fulk opposed to the ongoing efforts there? Is he critical of the new strategy? If the point is that more than military action is needed, then what would Fulk advise Obama to do? All fair questions, I think.

Rockdem said...

You're indeed correct Toni D,
the point is obvious to anyone who can think.

The problem with comprehension on this is kind of like when Mom or Dad walk into a room that their child has trashed and let the child know that the room is a mess and he now has to put it into order.

Child looks around and says, "What mess?" "I don't see any mess." "It's not my fault!" "Let's just close the door on the room, I never liked this room anyway!" "It's not fair and you can't make me!" "You're ruining my life!!!"

By the end of last year, Afghanistan was producing around 92% of the world supply of opium being used to manufacture illegal heroin.
Here is the post I made on Afghan opium.

And the fact that after almost a decade of U.S. presence and control there are still people in refugee camps such as described in the above article simply shows that we have much to do. And such issues cannot be solved with bombs and missiles.

Anonymous said...

Then, Fulk, I guess Toni D cannot think, can she? Why else ask you if she's right?

Besides, you still haven't answered th efundamental question of what YOU want done differently. Your guy is in the WH...what would you advise he do?