Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Landes using schoolchildren for campaign?

Steve Landes Discovers South River Elementary School!!!

Steve Landes has been in the House of Delegates since his election in 1995, he serves on the House Education Committee, and oddly enough has never visited South River Elementary School, until now that is... And how nice that he is bringing along a reporter, and probably a photographer from the Daily News Record to document the event.

I wonder if parents were notified ahead of time in case they wanted to opt their children out of participation?

Look for the story in Thursday's DNR...

The following email was sent to school faculty:

Company is coming!

Wednesday morning Delegate Steve Landes will be visiting The River. He will be here from 8:30 - 10:00. The DNR will be here as well. We will be going from room to room to greet each class. He may wish to speak to some of classrooms.


Bubby said...

Do you think Landes will try to indoctrinate the kids with his loony ideas about the Whitehouse being just like Nazi Germany?

Shannon T. said...

What a hypocrite!
Then there's Matt Lohr, a former school board member and current delegate charging the school system thousands of dollars to speak at schools.
While he sits on the finance committee.
During a budget crisis when the schools are having to cut expenses.
While little kids are doing fund raising for school supplies.

old coot said...

If the school system can afford to pay motivational speakers then I guess they don't really need tthe meals tax.

Wallace H. said...

Well it certainly doesn't reflect well on either the school system or Mr. Lohr.

David Briggman said...

Well you guys need to get a little more vocal about stuff like this...all I can do is get you the information...why don't you guys take it and run with it?

If you take a look at Section 30-105 and 106 of the Code of Virginia, Lohr would have needed to report this if his payments exceeded $500 a speech...his were $400...however Gayle Brunk said on WSVA that Lohr's speaking fees were under the usual and customary charges normally paid to other speaks...

Sounds like he charged what he did to keep under the Ethics reporting requirements of the statutes I cited above.

Ticked off in Broadway!!! said...

What I'd like to know is why in the world my kids have to do fundraising for school supplies if they squander money on motivational speakers? And how low is Matt Lohr for charging them in the first place, wasn't he a school board member? Isn't he on the House Finance Committee? How dare he take a cut of taxpayer's money when the school system is having to cut the budget and lay people off!!!

If you are the one who exposed this outrage Mr. Briggman, THANK YOU!

Bubby said...

Since the Rockingham County School system is a single fiscal entity why would a court assume that Lohr's contract awards be counted piecemeal? All of these principals get their money from the same pot of taxpayer funds.

If he made thousands siphoning money out of the Rockingham School system then he violated both the intent AND the letter of the law.

These "motivational" speeches should have been bid and procured.