Friday, September 25, 2009

Marrow takes Landes to Task in Waynesboro Debate

Thursday’s debate between House District 25 incumbent Steve Landes and Democratic challenger Greg Marrow produced fireworks when Marrow twice questioned Landes’ effectiveness in producing jobs for the Shenandoah Valley.

Marrow, a Harrisonburg optometrist, said his examination of five years of Landes’ legislative record showed numerous bills to change Virginia codes but “none of them about increasing the quality of life in the Shenandoah Valley.”

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The candidates had agreed beforehand to take one question from their opponent. Marrow asked Landes to detail what he has accomplished in his time in the House of Delegates, prompting a visibly rattled Landes to first promise Marrow that he would give him a copy of his legislative record, then, when it was Marrow’s turn to answer a question from Landes, Landes interrupted Marrow to hand him a red folder with a Landes campaign sticker on it.

“We need to not just worry about excessive legislation,” Marrow said as he took the folder from Landes. “What we need to worry about is legislation that’s going to help the Valley, including jobs and people who can’t afford …”

“And that’s in there. If you’ll look into it and actually look at my record, you’ll see it,” Landes talked over Marrow, pointing.

“I’m trying to answer your question. I have looked at the record,” Marrow said.

The exchange would seem to indicate that Landes is feeling some heat in his re-election bid.

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After a question about unemployment and new job creation, Marrow says Landes has not done enough to bring jobs, specifically green jobs to the valley.

Around the country, "In 2007 about 9 million jobs were created in the green collar sector to the tune of about a billion dollars worth of revenue, but not one dollar, not one job, came to Virginia, they're going to these other states," said Marrow.

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"You are not reading the whole record. You are trying to distort my record and I am really starting to get a little PO'ed about that because you are distorting what I have done over the last 13 years," Landes told Marrow.

Marrow responded that he had read Landes' record and said he disagreed vehemently on several points.

"Actions speak a thousand words and I have them right here," Marrow said of bills Landes introduced that did not do anything for the district.

Excessive legislation is not the answer, Marrow said.

"We need to worry about legislation that will improve the Valley, including jobs and helping those people who cannot afford health care," he said.

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"I'm looking at five pages of legislation you introduced over past five years ... and none of them have to do with the Shenandoah Valley," Marrow said as he asked Landes to explain what he has done to enhance the district during his seven terms as delegate.

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Watch the entire debate and decide for yourself


Waynesboroian said...

The more I see and hear of Marrow the more impressive he is. If people begin paying attention Landes is in trouble.

Toni D. said...

The difference is striking. Landes carries himself well, but comes across as mild. Marrow is like a coiled spring and just exudes confidence. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he also has a very athletic background.

Belle Rose said...

Good post and comments on the some of the play-by-play, esp on the final exchange. Agreed: Marrow did very well. Other perspectives on the matchup.

Anonymous said...

This debate was won by Marrow early on. Marrow showed the printed out record for Landes' recent legislation which is a record of code changes and licence plates. Not jobs or health care.

Landes can talk all about what he did back in 1996 but what have you done recently. Landes spoke of SRI which he also cut funding too.

Landes lost it and out bursted, pointing his finger and interrupted. It is time to stop pointing fingers and lead. Marrow had ideas on the economy, transportation, and health care. Landes has a little red folder.

Cassie said...

I just saw the video and I must say i'm impressed with Marrow. He just looked like a leader with passion amd knowledge. Tell me again, how did Landes, an errand boy for DuPont Credit Union, ever get to be a delegate?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't really ever paid much attention to what Landes was or wasn't doing. Never thought about it much. But there are an awful lot of empty businesses in Waynesboro, and it is pretty darn hard to find a job. I'm pretty excited about Marrow's ideas to bring "green" jobs to the area. I hope he wins. I just don't trust Landes anymore, he's had thirteen years and can't even say what he has done to help me so I'd like to give someone with fresh ideas a chance.

Riley Murray said...

Breaking: Landes Bail Out! It was clear that the intensity of the last debate was beyond Landes competitive capabilities. In the several public forums, where I've seen him first hand, he continues to try to reduce expectations for himself. Saying voters can turn him out if they are not happy with him. And casting himself as "work horse" (not a race horse?). In short -- Steve Landes has no "fire in his belly". An easy way out of this thankless $17K per year part-time job is to make a halfhearted effort. Skipping a debate with a strong opponent is strong evidence of his lack of passion for returning to the HoD. 13 years may be his personal tolerance limit.