Saturday, September 12, 2009

McDonnell Describes Unique Funding Option

I am shocked and horrified at the language used by GOP Gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell in describing funding options on WTOP. WARNING: Do not let children or the faint-of-heart listen to this audio. Not safe for work. Originally on NLS.


John Doe said...

Old Joe the fag supporter suddenly is shocked by the F-bomb (assuming McDonnell meant to say it). Be a good man who says something, Joe is shocked. Be a bad man who does something terrible, Joe is your best friend. Am I missing anything, Joe you loser?

Bubby said...

Why is "fornication" always on the tip of Bob McDonnell's tongue?

Who is Bob McDonnell?

Toni D. said...

"assuming McDonnell meant to say it"?
Was he somehow tricked into saying it? Is someone else in control of what he says and they just hit the wrong button on his remote control?
I think what is happening is that he is beginning to come apart.

Toni D. said...

"Why is "fornication" always on the tip of Bob McDonnell's tongue?"

Because just like John Doe is with homosexuality, what's always on the tip of their tongue, is what's on the top of their minds to the point of obsession.

John Doe said...

WHY are disgusting liberals always such prudes only when it involves the behavior of Republicans? We all know that liberals have no standards of decency. You disgusting Cretans, could it be that you are only acting disgusted by Bob's behavior? Hmmm. Naw. Couldn't be that.

Walter Kasparov said...

Bobby boy is showing some strain here. He screwed up with the WAPO by mentioning his manifesto and knows he may very well have derailed his own effort.
He knows also that Kilgore was easily leading Kaine at this point by the same margin, and we all know how that one turned out.
He can't escape being who he really is though, that is shat is leaking through and the bleed will only get worse as he becomes more stressed by deteriorating internal poll results. To outsiders he is only beginning to look erratic because they don't know what the McDonnell campaign knows, which is how badly he is being hurt. McDonnell's slide has now officially begun.
And John Doe, you should consider therapy.

Anonymous said...

ToniD you aren't upset with Deeds because he will not give your people the same rights everyone else has ?