Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deep Thoughts - to my Republican friends

Stand up and reclaim your party.

I understand that it has been a tough few years - the loss of Republican control in the Governorship, Virginia Senate, United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, the Presidency. That last one was no contest, and you find yourself angry with America. You could take this opportunity to rebuild and once again become the Party of Ideas, or you could allow this chucklehead , or this one, or this one, to take your party to the Whig Party dust bin of history.

And the religious right, you own them right? Maybe they own your reputation?

Democrats did not move quickly enough to distance themselves from the radical left in the sixties and seventies - it cost them a generation of lost voters. Choose wisely, America needs a sane, coherent, constructive Republican Party, or none at all.


Anonymous said...

Bubby, Obama is bringing the Republican party together faster than anything the Republicans could ever done themselves. My hat is off to Obama he has done one great thing since he took office.

Bubby said...

You can't win with 36% of Virginia voters. And that is all there are that share your view.

...Well, maybe you can elect a do-nothing Valley Republican delegate. But don't be surprised when the Valley gets nothing in return. And believe me, Obama won't know or care what you do.

You are playing loser-ball for another man's entertainment. It is fascinating to see people vote against their own best interests - like this notion that you don't deserve decent health care, or a living wage.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if you still think that in Nov. after Deeds looses to Bob McDonnell for the second time. Obama's approval numbers are lower than George W. Bush's were in his first term in office at this time. His big lies are starting to catch up with him.

John Doe said...

Police your own party, pedophile breath: The Dems have been taken over by the queers, the perverts, the ungodly, the communists, the socialists, the anarchists, the dirty mangy flotsom and jetsom of society. The Dem party is infested by the unions, the trial lawyers, the one world government types, the big government types, the open border types, the welfare queens and assorted other anti-American scum.

I'm not blaming all Dems, I'm just pointing out that the leadership of the Dem party is totally dominated by the left-wing, hate America first crowd. The people of America are waking up to what scum run the once great Dem party. The Dem party's time has already ended. See latest polls of Obama's and Congress' popularity. Sorry, scum bag, America has weighed the Dem party and it has been found wanting. Hope you enjoyed your six months of domination.

Bubby said...

Speaking of the ungodly and the perverse, lets look at a few...

South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford (R), sneaking about with his Argentinian mistress despite holy promises to his wife and sons?

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) A married man, wearing diapers, visiting hookers?

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), a married man who carried on an affair with an office staffer and wife of his best friend? Remember when Ensign famously said of Bill Clinton "He has no credibility left"? What credibility does John Ensign have? Why did his father pay off the cuckolded husband?

Sen. Larry Craig (R,ID), the closeted gay man who hated gay people? Married with children?!

Rep. Mark Foley (R,FL)Chair of the House caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, himself found to be chasing 16 year old page boys in the halls of congress?

Rep. Newt Gingrich (R,GA), Speaker of the House, 3 times married, having an affair with a staffer 20 years his junior while his 2nd wife lay in a hospital bed recovering from cancer treatments?

John Doe said...

Bubby came to a gun fight with a knife on that last one. FDR, JFK, RFK, Teddy the whale, Barney Frank, Bubba the rapist, and on and on and on.

A few republican pols fail to live up to a higher standard. Dems have no standards, so they never fail to violate their non-standards.

Bubby said...

You make my point - you are an irrelevant nut, incapable of sitting across the table from a Patriot. You talk nonsense, and live in a fantasy. There is serious work to be done and people like you are throwing a fit because America found your ideas unworthy, rejected your narrow political view, and dismissed them both. Welcome to a democratic republic son. Be a man, take your licks, adapt, and start contributing. Until you do you really don't matter - you're just another noisy crank.